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Back Home Again, by Melody Carlson

back-home-again-melody-carlson-paperback-cover-artIn keeping with my light, summer reading (which is coming to an end, sob!) I recently finished Book 1 in the Grace Chapel Inn series, Back Home Again, by Melody Carlson.  Obviously, I have really been enjoying this author, who writes interesting stories with good character development, and is able to do so without being controversial or offensive.

The Grace Chapel Inn series is one that uses many different authors as contributors.  I’m not a big fan of that because each one will have their own style.  As the first book in the series with an author I already like a lot, I knew I was safe with Back Home Again.

The story is simple enough.  Three sisters in their sixties decide to turn the family home into a bed and breakfast after the passing of their father, Acorn Hill’s beloved minister. Each sister brings her own ideas and talents to the endeavor, but, like any small town, everyone knows everyone else’s business.  The trio of women quickly discover who supports them and who does not in a town where maintaining the status quo is almost overly important.

A quick, light read, but it keeps your interest and is well written.  Sometimes that is enough.

8.5 out of 10 stars

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