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How to Live in a Car, Van, or RV, by Bob Wells


This book I read purely for fun and because it seemed interesting. Despite the fact that we are the owners of a mini motor home, it is unlikely that it will become our full time home.  Still, I admire anyone who can strip away their possessions to just the basics and find joy and fulfillment in that kind of life.

The author of this book, Bob Wells, began his life as a vandweller (all one word) out of sheer necessity. He was going through a messy divorce and couldn’t afford to even rent an apartment. This man thrives on living simply.  So much so, that when he got financially on his feet and remarried, he ended up divorcing a second time because living in a “stick and brick” house became unbearable for him. (“Bye, Honey, I’m leaving you for a van…”)

Now, for most of us, RV and trailer living would be like living in a really small house but still with basic conveniences. Bob looks at that as excessive, and advocates living in a box van or even your car. It is almost like a religion for him, and he lives on public land for free and never pays for a campground or uses hookups.

That is fine for him. And if that is a lifestyle that appeals to you he does have some good ideas. However, as a rule-follower, I have a hard time with the idea of purposefully drawing unemployment benefits so he only has to work for half the year. It’s one thing to live off the grid, it’s another thing to take advantage of the system while boasting that you don’t live within it.

For someone who, because of necessity or desire, wants to scale down their living quarters to a car, van or RV, this book might be helpful. Be warned that it does not give any instructions on using RV plumbing or electrical systems. Also be prepared for decent writing but tons of type-os of every kind. Whether or not this book was self-published, it was carelessly edited.

In the end, read it for your own amusement, but choose this lifestyle at your own risk.

7.5 out of 10 stars

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