The All-Girl Filling Station’s Last Reunion, by Fannie Flagg

17345258Another winner by Fannie Flagg!

Sookie Krackenberry Poole leads an enviable life, to say the least.  Her husband, Earle, is loving, supportive, and an excellent provider.  Together they have 4 independent children who honor and respect their parents.  With the exception of her flamboyant, out-spoken mother, Lenore, everything is practically perfect. Which makes it all the more difficult when Sookie discovers she is adopted.

What follows is a plot for which Fannie Flagg is both adept and famous, 2 parallel storylines that intertwine and eventually intersect.  One is Sookie’s journey of discovery about her origins. The other is the story of the Jurdabralinski family’s daughters, who burst through the boundaries of expectations for women in the 1940s.

Using excellent character development and sensitive points of view, the author takes her readers on a fun adventure that explores relationships between mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends.  But, trust me, this story is anything but predictable.  Just when you think the story is headed towards a straight road, it takes a sharp, unexpected detour.  All in all, this is Sookie’s story, and proof that self-discovery in all forms can happen at any age.

A wonderful read.

9.5 out of 10 stars

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