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The Majesty of Calmness, by William George Jordan


The path of truth, higher living, truer development in every phase of life, is never shut from the individual–until he closes it himself. Let man feel this, believe it and make this faith a real and living factor in his life and there are no limits to his progress.

The Majesty of Calmness can best be described as a handbook to Life. Published in 1900, its message is just as relevant today. It should be required reading for everyone, no matter their belief system, as it addresses and is respectful to all. One must read it with the mindset that we all need to improve. Reading it with the mindset that we have Life figured out because of age and experience will erode its wisdom.

The author suggests that Calmness as a state of mind is the ultimate achievement. Others may interpret it as an advanced state of Faith, but still a reachable goal we should all desire.

The author also discusses Happiness, Satisfaction, Contentment, and Pleasure—what they are and what they are not, which is most important, and how to achieve it. That power is innate and has nothing to do with the world’s definitions of success. Conversely, the author also addresses Cynicism, Negativity, Failure, and Comparison–their causes and the damage they do if we indulge them.

Self-realization of these things, plus a desire to always improve, helps us to attain that state of Calmness—the umbrella philosophy of the entire book—it becomes our silent companion in the best of times, preparing us for the worst.

The author’s observations of different types of people, emotions, and reactions is incredibly perceptive. He acknowledges that, yes, Life often is unfair and, yes, it seems like wickedness often prevails, but our behavior in challenging situations can still make us victorious, if only in our own mind.

I highly recommend this book. It’s only $1 on Amazon Kindle. It is subtle, but powerful, like a trusted friend helping to center us on a bad day, or a quiet prayer of supplication being answered.

10/10 Stars

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