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Almighty, by David Butler


I recently heard the author, David Butler, interviewed on my favorite podcast show, ALL IN and knew I had to read this book. He is one of those people who speaks like he’s always smiling and the tone of his writing is no different. I loved this book! Feeling unhappy? Unloved? Marginalized? Life got you down? Read Almighty.

It is written for anyone of any Christian faith. It is like a booster shot of sunshine, reminding you that life is more than a parade of challenges. David Butler personalizes our Heavenly Father into a loving, approachable celestial parent. A celestial parent who is waiting for you to have a relationship with Him. This book is like wrapping a warm blanket around the aching heart, the heavy mind, the broken spirit.

I highly recommend it.

9.5/10 Stars

Bonus Link: David Butler discusses his book, Almighty, on the ALL IN podcast. Click HERE.

1 thought on “Almighty, by David Butler”

  1. I first listened to the audiobook, and I loved how emotional his reading was. God isn’t this impersonal judge who wants to convict us, he is our Father. A Father that wants to help us be happy and learn. Really great insights!

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