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The Coming of the Lord, by Gerald N. Lund


I’m a newcomer to the world of podcasts, and one of the very first ones I heard was a fascinating interview with Elder Gerald N. Lund, well known in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for his prolific writing of historical fiction, such as The Work and the Glory series.

The podcast series ALL IN was interviewing Elder Lund about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, a subject on which he is very knowledgeable. The Coming of the Lord, Elder Lund’s very first book, was referenced several times and, since a 30 minute podcast episode can only cover so much, I sought after the book.

The subject is gripping, dramatic, and very interesting. The book is well-researched, using many quotes and prophecies from scriptures and the prophets of old and in the latter days. It is interesting to think that it was written in the early 1970’s because many of those prophecies have already been fulfilled.

I learned a lot, but the writing is a bit cumbersome. My rating is based on the writing, not the subject. Elder Lund did mention on the podcast that he is in the process of writing a revised version of The Coming of the Lord. I would be curious to compare it with the original.

8.5/10 Stars

Bonus Link: Gerald N. Lund discusses “signs of the Second Coming” in the ALL IN podcast. Click HERE.

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