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Bud, Not Buddy, by Christopher Paul Curtis

Bud Not Buddy cover.jpg

This is a book I discovered completely by accident. It was featured on the homepage of my local online library during Black History Month. I was attracted to its Newbery award winning status and its many stellar reviews.

Bud (not Buddy) is an only child with an absent father and a recently deceased mother. He’s currently “in the system,” being bounced from one foster home to another. He longs for a real family and, deep down, he knows there is one waiting for him.

The story seesaws between touching moments as Bud (not Buddy) pieces together clues to find the man he thinks is his father and hilarious moments in his transient, fractured life. Aimed at children, the balance of these two characteristics is just enough to keep a young person’s attention. It certainly captivated mine. Bud (not Buddy) is extremely likable and polite, you root for him the entire time, always hoping that he’ll find the family he seeks.

I was very happy to have found this book. If I was still teaching elementary school (which I did for 13 years until my marriage in 2010,) I would definitely purchase this for our classroom library and read it aloud during group storytime. There are plenty of things to discuss with young students. However, since I do not currently have my own classroom, I shared this book by sending it, along with Farmer Boy, to California as birthday presents for my 12-year old nephew. We do what we can.

8.5/10 Stars


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