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Island Reunion Series (Books 1-3,) by Kathi Daley

Six friends, including one who is recently deceased and one who mysteriously disappeared twenty five years ago.

In the present we hear the voice of Kelly, one of the six, whose twin sister, Kayla, has recently passed away. Kelly, along with the remaining three friends Carrie, Nora, and Quinn, have plans to reunite in a rented house that once belonged to Kelly’s family. Meanwhile, on the fictional Shipwreck Island, patterns emerge of other teenage girls who have vanished over the years.

Throughout the Island Reunion series the women share their highs and lows, mourn Kayla’s passing, investigate the decades-old mystery of their missing friend, Peggy, and try to move forward from their individual life challenges. Now in their early forties, all of them have reached an impasse.

Despite the many characters, Kathi Daley does not bombard the reader. New characters are introduced at a pace that allows you to get to know a few at a time. The writing is fluid and comfortable. The dialogue feels realistic. Some romance and intrigue is peppered throughout. The final book was my least favorite of the three, but it tied up loose ends nicely and confirmed one prediction I made earlier.

I would definitely call this “women’s fiction,” bordering on cozy mysteries, although the plot is unlike any of the cozy mysteries I’ve read in the past. It was quick and light but the characters and plot had substance. All have clean language–good “pandemic” reading to pass a few hours. And, while the lives of the wealthy can be hard to relate to, their privilege always remains a side point not a focus.

This was my introduction to Kathi Daley’s books and I’m motivated to try others. She is best known for her Inn at Holiday Bay series. The Island Reunion books are all included with a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Book 1: Summerhouse Reunion

Book 2: Topsail Sundays

Book 3: Campfire Secrets

8/10 Stars

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