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Bluebird Bay Series, by Denise Grover Swank and Christine Gael

It is fun to find a new series and immerse yourself in it for a couple of days, which is all the time it took me to read these three books by Denise Grover Swank and Christine Gael.

The Sullivan sisters: Celia, a housewife; Stephanie, a veterinarian; and Anna, a wildlife photographer, are each at a crossroad in their lives. Celia’s husband has abruptly left, Stephanie is mourning her husband’s death in a boating accident, and unmarried Anna is finding less and less fulfillment in a job that requires constant travel. In addition, they have their widower father, Red, to contend with as he battles dementia and becomes both more cantankerous and more a danger to himself and others.

Over the course of three books we follow the sisters on their journeys of love, loss, and personal rediscovery. Celia, the sensible housewife, who has always acquiesced to her former husband, finally has the opportunity to live freely. Stephanie discovers something about her deceased husband that throws her whole marriage into suspicion. Funny, gregarious Anna, faces her own mortality. Like any siblings, they bicker and compete, but go into full-on “sister mode” when one is is trouble.

The books read like an entertaining nighttime soap, just on the fringe of reality, until the final book, which downgrades to a daytime soap with a wild, uncharacteristic ending. Despite that, they are fun and mostly well-written, with smooth transitions from one sister’s story to another. I enjoyed them. They make no apologies about being quick, light reads and in the end we should all be so lucky to come from a family that supports each other like this one.

Book 1: Finding Tomorrow

Book 2: Finding Home

Book 3: Finding Peace

8.5/10 Stars

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