This is a Book for People Who Love the Royals, by Rebecca Stoeker

OK, perhaps we should clarify: this is a book for people who love learning about the royals. Some are more (or less…ahem..Andrew) lovable than others. The “Meghan and Harry” interview on March 7 probably attracted a lot of new converts to the subject of British Monarchy, its history, and its relevance (or not.) This is the book for them–a book for curious beginners who want to know more.

The monarchy’s history is not delved into deeply, but enough to pique the reader’s interest. It mostly focuses on the current, living Mountbatten-Windsors. (This is the name adopted when Queen Elizabeth married Prince Philip. It was first used in 1973, more than twenty years into their marriage. When William and Harry were in the military they adopted the last name “Wales,” but it was used only temporarily. For instance, Harry’s son is named Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. One of the perks of being royal is you can choose your own surname.)

Each member of the current family is profiled, as well as their respective spouses. The line of succession (something touched upon in the M&H interview in regards to titles/security) is also mentioned.

The book is both fun and interesting if you’re new to learning about the monarchy, but very “Royalty 101” if you already know a lot about the intricacies of the family. (For instance, do you know who Princess Alice is? She’s Prince Philip’s mother and she is FASCINATING–but you won’t learn about her in this book.)

Keeping in mind that it is for beginners, 9/10 stars.

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