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Steve Jobs, by Walter Isaacson

The story of an adopted son of a blue-collar family becoming founder and CEO of the most successful company in the world is nothing short of epic. But the journey getting there is just as intriguing. Knowing the cancer he’d been battling for years would eventually win, Steve Jobs took control in the only way he could, enlisting a hand-picked biographer to take charge of his story, in effect, getting ahead of those who would dissect his life after his passing.

No matter what kind of smartphone you use, you’re Team Apple whether you realize it or not. Those clicks, pinch zooms, and swipes that are second nature to all of us started with the iPhone and morphed into every smartphone brand available. The App store, the Cloud, digital music, digital animation–all of these and more were refined by Steve Jobs and his “A team.” Refined, but not necessarily invented. He gave us simplicity in our devices we didn’t even know we wanted until we owned one. The artistry he demanded in every detail of Apple’s technology and aspect of the company is both the root of his brilliance and the target of criticism. Yet, for those of us deeply embedded and loyal to Apple’s integrated ecosystem, it wouldn’t even be possible without that controlling grip upon which Jobs tirelessly insisted.

Issacson’s biography, written after dozens of interviews with Jobs, his family, and colleagues, is as unvarnished as it gets. Intimidating, moody, exhausted and exhausting, changeable, eccentric, we see all sides of Jobs. From his adoption, to garage inventions with Steve Wozniak, to the building and rebuilding of Apple, to his family and friend relationships, to his health challenges and everything in between, we ride alongside this man whose quest for excellence and vision has permeated into nearly everything that involves personal technology. The legacy he left behind, as well as trusted lieutenants like current Apple CEO Tim Cook and former VP of Design Jony Ive show that all of the blood, sweat and tears–lots of tears–was worth it.

9.5/10 stars

1 thought on “Steve Jobs, by Walter Isaacson”

  1. That’s an incredible review! I agree with it all! I loved this book! I love my Apple products. That book made it so that when I first went into an Appke Store, it was an exhilarating experience! He was a genius! A difficult one, but nevertheless a genius!

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