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What Child Is This, by Rhys Bowen

If you’re a reader in this digital age, you are probably bombarded with book and author suggestions from Amazon, Goodreads, etc. Rhys Bowen has popped up constantly for me and I decided to begin exploring her writing around Christmastime with What Child Is This.

She uses one of my favorite backdrops in books and film, World War II in England. A young couple struggles with a variety of losses during this harrowing time when civilians lost homes, family members, and their own lives. Despite the period, it is not an action story, but one with a degree of quiet. As so often happens in different challenges, spouses will take turns comforting each other and being the strong one.

It’s a lovely story. One that offers hope during the COVID-19 pandemic, where even now we’re all experiencing something we never expected, are being forced to make compromises, and have found our lives taking unplanned detours.

Rhys Bowen is a wonderful author and I’m currently on Book 4 of her 15-book series Her Royal Spyness, which I’m enjoying very much. So hooray for those Amazon suggestions. Sometimes they are right on target.

8.5/10 Stars

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