Half a Heart, by Karen McQuestion

A selectively mute runaway, a determined grandma, an empty-nester, and a good-hearted childless couple. These are the characters we follow in Karen McQuestion’s Half a Heart.

After reading two of her books in two days, I’m starting to notice the way this author creates a plot. I wish I had her skill for storytelling. She takes people who are unlikely to meet and finds a creative way to make their paths converge. It’s very interesting to observe. First we see everyone independently, then, little by little, their lives begin to overlap until they are completely intertwined. Like patches on a quilt being stitched together and the finished product is a beautiful thing.

While Half a Heart did not have the same intensity as The Moonlight Child, it is still a very good read. I appreciate how McQuestion (isn’t that a great name?) crafts her characters, making them so full-bodied and realistic. You almost forget you’re reading fiction. She’s able to weave her plots with almost no profanity and is terrific at getting into each person’s psyche. Most of all, it is reassuring to read about kind, decent people who triumph in the face of trials. I look forward to reading more by this author.

8.5/10 Stars

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