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The Girl on the Plane/The Guy at the Wedding, by Katherine Center

If it seems like I’m fan-girling a bit over Katherine Center books right now, it’s only because I am. They’ve been a terrific distraction from the world’s craziness. So, as a postscript to the previous entry, here’s info on two short stories that bridge her novels. Prequels/sequels is a fun trend that several authors use to keep the reader’s interest and, when done correctly, can really be a treat when there are great characters and more to add to their stories.

I listened to both of these as audio books, each one clocking in at just under an hour. Links are available on her website,, and can be downloaded for free on Google Play or Apple Books.

The Girl on the Plane: This is a retelling of the first part of How To Walk Away, except now we’re hearing from Cassie the firefighter. Yes, Cassie from Things You Save in a Fire. When the plane crashes at the beginning of the story, it is Cassie who rescues Margaret, the heroine in the main novel. Their brief interaction, with Margaret making an unforgettable impression, prompts Cassie to set things in motion for the rest of the story.

The Guy at the Wedding: The guy is Jake Archer. The wedding is that of Helen Carpenter. Jake is Helen’s brother, Duncan’s “plus one” at the reception. Helen is about to start a marriage that we already know will go down in flames. Several years before Happiness for Beginners, Jake and Helen are just two people living their lives with no idea what lies ahead. This delightful short story tells about their first encounter, setting the groundwork for that fateful hiking trek in Wyoming. Helen and Jake are my absolute favorite characters, so this look into that life-altering evening was like a tasty dessert. I make no apologies for my bias on this one and, what makes it extra fun, is that it is both a prequel AND a sequel.


I’m late to the party, but after years of reading about Netgalley on Goodreads, I finally signed up and requested an ARC (Advanced Reader’s Copy) of The Bodyguard, due out in July. Here’s hoping I’ll be approved and can include a review before it’s published. Enjoy!

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