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The Bodyguard, by Katherine Center

AVAILABLE July 19, 2022

Throw in a bit of While You Were Sleeping, mixed with Notting Hill, and It Happened One Night…you get The Bodyguard, Katherine Center’s upcoming book and one of the most entertaining reads I’ve had in years.

Hannah Brooks is a petite woman in her twenties who is also a highly-trained protection agent. Her life is at a crossroads when she is assigned to protect Jack Stapleton, movie star and celebrity extraordinaire. He’s resistant, she’s determined. She can also kill you with a napkin.

Despite going off the grid a few years ago after a family tragedy, Jack is still a target. There are rabid fans, a sweater-knitting stalker, and ever-predatory paparazzi. But under those chiseled abs he’s a fairly down-to-earth person seeking normality and connection. At Jack’s request, Hannah must keep her identity a secret from his family, posing as his girlfriend instead.

There is humor, romance, action, tears, and, yes, even depth as Hannah and Jack spend more time getting to know each other in these unusual circumstances. Their banter is equally hilarious as it is heartwarming.

Katherine Center has done it again. This book is the reason I signed up with NetGalley. My thanks to them and to St. Martin’s Press for this advanced copy. I loved it.

9.5/10 Stars

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