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Six Quick Reviews:

The last thing I want to do is give the impression that I enjoy everything I read. Not so. Here are 6 books I’ve read recently–some advanced copies, some not–which made lesser impressions, although I’d still recommend the first three. The ratings are based on Goodread’s 5 star system.

Available now

I actually really liked The Viscount and the Vicar’s Daughter, by Mimi Matthews. It tells of the rakish Tristan St. Claire and destitute lady’s companion, Valentine March. The pacing could’ve been better, but I enjoyed the unlikely bond between the two main characters. It’s worth checking out.

Available June 14, 2022

Scotsman in the Stacks is one of those fun romances for the intellectual girl who dreams of being whisked away by a handsome foreigner. It’s not groundbreaking literature, but it is light and cute with likable characters. A good vacation book.

Available July 12, 2022

The Best is Yet to Come is your typical escapist lit, of which Debbie Macomber is very proficient. It tells the story of dog rescuer Hope Goodwin. She takes on Cade Lincoln at the animal shelter as he does community service after an arrest. Both have their demons, finding friendship and understanding in the other. There is a side story of some high school kids and their nonsense that detracts from the main plot a bit, but it’s still worth reading.

Available now

Goodbye, Orchid is kind of a mess. There’s PG-13 language and the characters’ pride and lack of communication are constant obstacles. It could’ve been so much better. Not worth your time.

Available September 6, 2022

The Bachelor and the Bride was frustrating. I did a lot of skimming during the second half. Too many characters, too convoluted, and not the simple sweetness I had expected. Sadly skippable.

Available June 21, 2022

When It Falls Apart was (mostly) very good. It tells of Brooke Turner, who is picking up the pieces of her father’s life after he becomes aged and more dependent. She moves from Seattle to San Diego, CA and is embraced by the big Italian family who owns her apartment building and the restaurant below. There are wonderful characters and heartwarming dialogue. I knocked off two stars because of a steamy sex scene that seemed like it was from a completely different book. Too bad, because the rest was excellent.

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