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Gentleman Jim, by Mimi Matthews

Author Mimi Matthews is one of the best discoveries I’ve made this year. Her Regency era books are so fun and so unique. My favorite is The Work of Art, but Gentleman Jim now runs a very close second.

The plot can get a bit confusing because our male protagonist–a cross between Heathcliff of Wuthering Heights and Westly from The Princess Bride–uses three different names, but it is worth every bit of the reader’s attention. Meanwhile there is the long-suffering Maggie Honeywell, who, ten years before, sent her one true love, Nicholas Seaton, off into the world, never to return. Or did he?

There’s romance, action, witty banter, a plucky heroine, and a swashbuckling time from beginning to end. The supporting characters are well-developed and add great foundation to this story that pulls you in and carries you away to another period when birthright and honor reign supreme. A jolly good read!

9/10 Stars

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