Five Quick Reviews:

Currently I’m working on reading the Murphy Shepherd series by Charles Martin, which is marvelous. It’s slow-going because they are so full and so well-written. In the meantime, here are 5 quick reviews of some books I’ve read recently. The rating is based on the Goodreads 5 Star system. Happy Reading!

Available June 7, 2022

The plot of this book reads like a semi-modern Les Miserables. There were many things to like, but it was also a bit too saccharine–like a Hallmark Movie–especially the ending, which is slightly ridiculous.

Available now (on Kindle Unlimited)

Oh, Jake and Kassie! This story was beautiful and unique and had some wonderfully heartfelt moments. But, alas, there were some scenes, language, and horrible characters that detracted. If those were stripped away, this one would be a 5 Star book.

Available now

This novel’s characters reminded me a lot of Jane Eyre and Rochester in a current setting. There’s even a scene near the end that mirrors the classic almost word-for-word. The 3 stars are just because it was a tad bland and, if you are a Jane Eyre fan, you’ll see right through it as not completely original.

Available now

OK, NOW, we’re talking literature. Charles Martin books– how have they eluded me until now? The Water Keeper is the first in the Murphy Shepherd series–the story of a broken man who has the wits, skill, and resources to help others. The writing is beautiful and the story has a little of everything: action, humor, romance, depth. Plus it is incredibly touching. For those who shy away from fiction, you’ll feel differently after this novel. Book 2 is The Letter Keeper, available now. Book 3 is The Record Keeper, due out on July 5, 2022. More on this series in a future post.

Available now

Part of Your World is a new book and it’s already incredibly popular. I read it as a mental palate cleanser after The Water Keeper. I loved the premise of a 38-year old lady ER doctor from the city and a 28-year old burly small town carpenter trying to find a way to merge their different worlds. But I wish I could take a giant melon baller and clean this book up. Alexis and Daniel are wonderful characters and the majority is very well-written, but there is a lot of language and some scenes that take away from its potential greatness. A shame, really, because I’d read a cleaner version again and again.

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