Kindle Models: Let’s take a look…

Coke or Pepsi? Apple or Android? Kindle or Nook? (Answers: Pepsi, Apple, Kindle.)

Now that that’s settled–WHICH Kindle? Since I’m currently between two advanced copies of books, let’s take a quick look at these snazzy little e-readers. Amazon doesn’t reinvent the wheel too much when it comes to the Kindle (since getting rid of the keyboard and adding an internal light) but there have been some upgrades in the last year.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Budget
  • Resolution
  • Size
  • Need for a waterproof device (i.e. Are you a clumsy tub reader? Do you read by the pool and have kids that love to do cannonballs?)

My desire to spend was low when I upgraded in 2020 from my 2012 Kindle Keyboard (RIP) to a smaller one with a built-in light. I opted for the Basic Kindle (on the far left.) I chose to have no ads (ads only show when it’s powered down, but still.) And I chose black because I wanted as little contrast as possible. I have a slim, third party cover in Sky Blue, found HERE. (Make sure the cover matches the Kindle model you’re purchasing.)

Now, my middle aged eyes are not the best these days. Still, the resolution on the basic model suits me fine (for now). I adjust the brightness based on the light around me and appreciate the different font and size options. (Sorry paperbacks, this is where you get left behind.)

A simple breakdown of the models. Not including the Kindle Kids Paperwhite.

Currently, the Kindle Paperwhite is the most popular Kindle of all time. It has a flush screen, smaller bezels, 300ppi resolution, and it’s waterproof. A link is HERE and, if you scroll down on that page, you’ll find comparisons and links to all models. Remember that an Amazon account is required to manage the titles on your Kindle. Just like a smartphone, there is a cloud for titles not downloaded. This means that, even with only 8GB of space, you can have HUNDREDS of books in your library. Speaking of libraries, you can also borrow ebooks from your local library, which is just the best thing ever. *wink* (How I would’ve loved a Kindle when I was a child!)

Here are two videos that discuss the different models. Remember–take into consideration what is best for YOU. Hope this was helpful! Happy Reading!

UPDATE January 2023: in June of 2022 I caved and bought a Kindle Paperwhite Signature (the 32GB version of the Paperwhite.) I. LOVE. IT. I’m reading more than ever before, as evidenced by my monthly reading wrap-ups and more frequent reviews. 32GB isn’t for everyone–and probably not even necessary for me, but I don’t care–because I love the reading experience on the Paperwhite. It is hard to see the difference between the Basic and the Paperwhite in videos and photos, yet it’s obvious in person when they’re side by side. So, yes, I endorse and highly recommend the Kindle Paperwhite.

1 thought on “Kindle Models: Let’s take a look…”

  1. These are very useful videos…interesting that when I asked, you recommended the Basic. Honestly…I love it, it has highlighting and dictionary and to me the resolution is fantastic. I like that it’s small…I can’t imagine liking the fancier ones more. I’m glad you directed me to the Basic.

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