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The Abandoned Ones…

I’ve been asked: “Aren’t there books that you didn’t like?” The short answer is YES. We’ve all started a book and realized it wasn’t for us, right? This year I’ve read nearly two hundred books, but I’ve also left plenty in the discard pile. I get most frustrated when it is a book that others love, but I can’t help how I feel, so I go on to the next one. It could be because there’s a lack of character development or a really unlikable main character. It could be a plot that doesn’t hold my interest. It could be too much gratuitous swearing. Sometimes it’s all of those things.

The reasons may vary, but there should be no guilt. Reading time is too precious to waste and there are too many great books to discover! So give yourself some grace and move on to something you enjoy.

Here are the “abandoned ones” in my pile lately. Apologies if you see one of your favorites!

3 thoughts on “The Abandoned Ones…”

  1. OMG… Gentleman in Moscow was loved by so many. I liked it but wasn’t sure why everyone raved about, and yet, it stuck with me for a long while. I’m not sure why everyone thought it was great; I thought it was ok to good….,interesting how tastes vary, and good!

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