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Scrooge and the Girls Next Door, by Melanie Jacobson

I’ve discovered a handful of new authors lately whose books I really enjoy. You’re going to start seeing more of them on this blog. One of them is Melanie Jacobson, known for her clean romances that mix humor and heart.

Scrooge and the Girls Next Door is a book I expected to read and forget–yes, I judged a book by its cover, don’t repeat my mistake–and instead, I was treated to a book that made me both laugh out loud and clutch my chest with emotion. Any book that has me feeling all the feels deserves a shout-out on this blog.

While using the “enemies to friends” plot line, this delightful story explores how the Christmas season can be difficult for some people, the importance of community, and how a generous spirit can melt a frosty attitude. It all begins when single mom, Paige Redmond, buys her first home–a raggedy fixer upper–and moves in with her daughter, Evie, next door to stodgy college professor, Henry Hill. While they navigate their differences and often disagree, there is a lot of self-exploration and reevaluation. Sometimes it takes the right person or people to motivate change. There is also a secondary “found family” story line that is very sweet. A reminder that the word “family” can have many interpretations.

I’ve read several Christmas-themed books this month and I have to say that this is my favorite. The characters have depth and feel realistic. The romance is slow and not corny or forced. Both main characters take turns sharing their points of view, which gives a fun and interesting perspective.

This book is available for free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription and is a great way to relax during the busy holiday season. I recommend it!

9/10 Stars

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