Romance, Women's Fiction

The Chemistry of Love, by Sariah Wilson

One of the popular tropes these days is main characters who “fake date.” They’re either trying to make someone jealous, trying to break someone up, or trying to assuage parents’ concerns. The fake date premise can be done well…or not. The Chemistry of Love, a recent Kindle First Read selection, does a fairly good job, mainly because of its unique setting.

Anna Ellis is a cosmetic chemist hopelessly in love with her boss, Craig, while her immediate supervisor, Jerry, squelches any innovative ideas she proposes. In a state of complete frustration and sorrow, and with the help of a little alcohol, Anna bares her soul to a stranger at a work party. That stranger turns out to be the company’s young CEO, Marco, who suggests that he and Anna fake date to make Craig jealous.

After you’re done rolling your eyes at the lunacy of what you just read I can assure you that it isn’t as bad as it sounds. There are some cringe-worthy moments at the beginning, but the story has more than its share of sweet scenes too. It’s clean with witty banter between Anna and Marco and, though the ending is predictable from the start, I actually enjoyed this book quite a lot.

8/10 Stars

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