March 2023 Reading Wrap Up!

Another month, another bunch o’ books! (My failed attempt at an Irish accent.) There were some duds and disappointments–more than usual it seems–but there were some great ones too! Let’s focus on those. The ratings are based on Goodreads’ 5 star rating system.

5 Stars-I LOVED IT! (Read these, you’ll be glad you did!)

4 Stars-I really liked it (Read these too!)

3 Stars-I liked it (They’re OK, but they didn’t shatter my world.)

2 Stars-I did not like it (They were either boring, smutty with misleading covers, depressing, or just plain bad.)

1 Stars-I hated it (Same as the 2 stars, but even worse. Avoid at all costs.)

FAVORITES: Click the links below to read reviews of my 6 favorite books this month!

The Stars Don’t Lie, by Boo Walker (Available 8.22.23)

What To Say Next, by Julie Buxbaum

Gilded Girl, by Pamela Kelley

One, by Sarah Crossan

Moonrise, by Sarah Crossan

Return to Satterthwaite Court, by Mimi Matthews (Available 4.11.23)

Revisiting some favorite authors:

Boo Walker, Julie Buxbaum, Diane Chamberlain, Catherine Ryan Hyde, Mimi Matthews, and Amy Harmon never disappoint. You just cannot go wrong with their books. I’ve also read books by David Baldacci and Nicole Deese in the past and really liked them, but the ones I read this month are, in my opinion, not their best. I was especially let down by The Words We Lost, but I learned after reading the author’s note that it was a labor of love and a story she needed to tell. I respect that decision. After all, writers are people too.

And now, on to April! I have a few books picked out: a science book to fulfill a reading challenge in my online group, an advanced copy of Catherine Ryan Hyde’s next book Just a Regular Boy, and Emily Henry’s Happy Place, which is available on April 25th. I’ll have to buy or borrow that one since NetGalley is very stingy with her books and wouldn’t approve my request to get it before it’s published. I’m not bitter. I’m really not. Mostly not. 🙂

Some great books are in the future!

Meanwhile, kitties Luna (black) and Cleo (tabby) decided to stop by and say hello just now:

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