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Happy Place, by Emily Henry

What a frustrating book. I was so looking forward to it. The release date has been on my calendar for ages. Now the disappointment I’m feeling is palpable.

Have you ever been to a party where you don’t know anybody? Where all the people have memories and history with everyone else but not with you? Where, when you try to enter a conversation, all they do is talk around you and keep saying things like “hey, remember that time we (not you)…?” You’re constantly left out and reminded that you don’t belong. That is a little what it was like to spend time with Wyn, Harriet, and their four friends.

Which brings me to the next set of problems. These are six friends who are educated professionals (a doctor, two lawyers, two urban farmers, and a talented furniture maker) that aren’t very interesting except for the collective gift of acting unbelievably stupid. There is drunkenness and amnesia-inducing hangovers, pot gummies, a random bra that goes flying, and other nonsense. Segue into childish bickering, no concept about the difference between sex and love, terrible communication, and…need I go on? This is immature teenage idiocy, not the behavior of supposedly intelligent adults. It wasn’t funny or charming, and it certainly wasn’t enjoyable to read.

But wait, there’s more. We have Wyn and Harriet who were engaged and are now broken up but don’t want to tell their friends and ruin the week they’re spending together. So now we fall into the tropes that are so overdone they have their own taglines: fake dating, forced proximity, friends to lovers, second chances, found family, blah, blah, blah. And don’t even get me started on why they broke up in the first place and the ending that fails to redeem itself. It’s ridiculous. *sigh* Did I mention I was frustrated?

This book is a total misfire. I tried to like it, but it kept going downhill. Add the slow pacing, dual timelines that switched over at the worst times, unnecessary drama, and “angsty but cool” characters (which rarely works,) and I have to wonder if Emily Henry was abducted by aliens and someone else is standing in for her. I don’t like saying it, but Happy Place is so beneath her talent. Where are the likeable characters? The wit? The solid writing? It’s not here.

5/10 Stars

2 thoughts on “Happy Place, by Emily Henry”

  1. I love the honesty. I read “Book Lovers” and had many of the same thoughts. I wanted to like And for me, too, it was a struggle on that one to accept that incredibly intelligent people needed to use every variation of the “F” word known to man on a regular basis. This is especially jarring in audio. Somebody please invent a profanity plug-in for Audible.

  2. This book sounds awful. I’m surprised you stuck with it. It may be a case of the only thing they have in common is this lifestyle, certainly not intelligent behavior or conversation. LOL. Hadn’t seen a review like that from you in ages…..

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