Historical Fiction, Romance

A Heart Worth Stealing, by Joanna Barker

My reading has slowed down a lot this month because of the beta reading detour, but I would be remiss if I did not dedicate a blog post to A Heart Worth Stealing, by Joanna Barker. Because beneath this unassuming cover is one of the most enjoyable books I have ever read–yes, you read that right! No matter how often I was pulled away, which was frequently, this book always called me back.

It is 1805, and Genevieve Wilde, an heiress in her mid-twenties, has been tasked with running her father’s vast estate after his death. Aside from overseeing the house accounts and the servants, she must now contend with threats and vandalism from an anonymous source. And, to top it off, her father’s beloved pocket watch is missing. Whether or not its absence is related to the ongoing drama is unknown and irrelevant. All Genevieve wants is to get it back.

Ignored by the police and condescended to by the local magistrate, Genevieve decides to hire a thief-taker, an unusual choice for a lady of her position. Enter Jack Travers, who insists he is the man for the job if only Genevieve will tolerate his methods, which are anything but conventional. And this is where the fun begins. Jack and “Ginny” embark on a relationship filled with tug-of-war banter, putting forth their efforts to outwit each other as much as finding the watch. In doing so, and with the story enhanced by some colorful supporting characters, feelings and secrets come to light while intrigue and adventure abound.

I would love, LOVE to see this book done as a film, because that is how it played out in my mind. And one of the best parts is that all of these entertaining escapades are achieved without steam or vulgarity. They rely solely and successfully on fantastic, high-quality writing. If you love historical fiction and want a clean story with wit, wonder, and tenderness, you will love this one! Joanna Barker has been a great author discovery! I will definitely read more of her books.

9.5/10 Stars

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