Faith and Religion

Covenant Keepers, by Wendy Watson Nelson

One month later and the cozy mysteries and light novels have run their course. In the last month I have immersed myself in literature, talks, lessons, and lectures from my faith, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I’ve needed Heaven’s help, and Heaven has responded.

In Covenant Keepers, Wendy Watson Nelson talks about the importance of making covenants, which we do in holy temples, and how keeping those covenants will bring blessings. The word “covenant” is mentioned a lot in our faith, sometimes to the point where it can be easy to tune it out, but Sister Nelson digs deep. She lovingly, and without judgment, holds up a mirror and forces the reader to reexamine his/her choices regarding the covenants made in his/her own life. They are, after all, much more than lazily-made promises. They’re serious. They’re promises made to God. And, of course, God being God, He already knows if we’re honoring them or not.

In my own life, there were many years where covenants didn’t mean a whole lot to me. I didn’t lead a wild life, but I didn’t attend the temple either. Now, in the midst of this pandemic and pervasive civil unrest, where our temples have limited use, there is nowhere else I’d rather be than within their safe and hallowed walls. I’ve thought about the temple a lot these last few months, already making a personal promise that when they fully reopen I’ll never take them or my covenants for granted ever again. Why? Because there is great, tangible power there. In the meantime, I can simply do my best to honor covenants in my home and with the everyday life choices I make.

This is a beautiful book and I’m very happy I discovered it. It was exactly what I needed right now.

9.5/10 Stars

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