Faith and Religion

The Heavens are Open, by Wendy Watson Nelson

In The Heavens are Open, another marvelous book by Wendy Watson Nelson, she talks about the importance of living and listening a certain way in order to be more in tune with Heaven.

What does that mean? For some it might mean eliminating some of the noise and distractions from our lives. For others it might mean rethinking the things we watch, listen to, and say. For all of us it certainly means admitting to ourselves that we cannot do everything alone. We need God’s help and should be inviting Him and His will into our lives.

These kinds of suggestions only have gravitas when the author is willing to use examples from her own life. Thankfully, Sister Nelson is humble enough to do that. She admits she has made choices she’s not always proud of, mostly in the way she uses her downtime, but she is self-aware enough to notice the differences when she makes positive changes. I greatly appreciate her humility. It’s certainly not a quality celebrated in the world today.

Through both of Sister Nelson’s books it was confirmed to me that we are never too old to stop learning, growing, or admitting there are changes to be made in our lives. I’m grateful for her example.

9.5/10 Stars

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